Automotive Cables - Single Core

Single Core Cables

The full range of automotive single cores as per national and international standards. Sizes ranging from 0.2 sqmm to 70 sqmm. Non standard requirements as per customer specification are also available
Automotive Cables - Multi Core


  • Sensor cables for speedometer
  • ABS cables
  • Flat core cables
  • Shielded and Braided solutions

Multi-core cables

Multicore cables as per national and international standards, along with customer specific solutions. All types of shielded and braided solutions are possible.
EnDura™ cables - High temperature solutions

EnDura cables

Under the brand name EnDura™ , we provide cables for high temperature automotive applications.  They are used for Engine management systems (T3 and T4), magneto wiring systems (T4) , headlight applications (FLR12Y) and ABS systems.
Specialized Cable Solutions


  • XLPE cables
  • Flat travelling cables for elevators
  • VFD cables
  • Flexible control and shielded signal cables

Specialized Cables

We can manufacture all types of shielded and braided control cables needed by various industries such as the drives & automation industry, elevator industry, motor industry and so forth.

We produce cables used for applications as per the needs of the customer, which require most stringent tests including fatigue, dynamic load and fire retardance.

Conductor Solutions


  • Bunched and Stranded conductors
  • Tin plated conductors
  • Single wire and fine wire conduts

Conductor Solutions

We can manufacture the full range of copper and tin plated copper wires, from single annealed wires to stranded wires upto 70 smm.