FLRYK, Single Core 105°C Cables

AVH & AVSH Cable


  • These are standard wall auto cables with cold resistant properties and increased flexibility
AVH & AVSH Cable Product Construction


  • Cold bending test acc. to ISO 6722-1 at -50°C
  • Short-term and long term ageing according to ISO 6722-1, Class B.
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Technical Data

Standard ISO 6722 -1 Class-B
Nominal Voltage 60 V & 600 V
Temperature Range Flexible  -50°C to +105°C
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Certifications & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance

Cable Design Parameters

Metric Cross Sectional Area (Sq .mm ) No of Strand /Strand Diameter (mm) Maximum Conductor Resistance at 20°C (ohm/km ) Nominal  Insulation Thickness  

Minimum Cable Diameter


Maximum Cable Diameter

Plain Copper Sn Plated Copper
0.50 16/0.21 37.1 38.2 0.28 1.40 1.60
1.00 32/0.21 18.5 19.1 0.30 1.90 2.10
1.50 30/0.26 12.7 13.0 0.30 2.20 2.40
2.50 50/0.26 7.60 7.82 0.35 2.70 3.00

Disclaimer :

REACH compliance should be considered as customer specific requirement and must be specified at time enquiry if required. The information contained in this datasheet is for guidance only and is subject to change without notice or liability. All the information is provided in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of publication. When selecting the cable accessories, please note that actual cable dimensions may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.